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By: Tran H. Tran, PharmD, BCPS

  • Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacy Practice, Chicago College of Pharmacy, Midwestern University, Downers Grove
  • Clinical Pharmacist, Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, Illinois

Another advantage that is likely to pain management treatment plan template cheap artane 2mg mastercard result from treating rodent- or lagomorph-associated issues as a single problem is that programme duplication can be minimized southern california pain treatment center agoura order artane 2 mg fast delivery, resulting in more successful cape fear pain treatment center dr gootman purchase artane 2mg mastercard, cost-effective programmes that can maximize the use of limited resources kingston hospital pain treatment center buy artane 2mg lowest price. Unfortunately, estimating the costs of rodent-related diseases is difficult, and few publications have addressed this issue. An early evaluation of plague control in California campgrounds determined that control was economically beneficial compared with other options, including surveillance-only and no-programme alternatives (Kimsey et al. Similar estimates were not made, however, for benefits derived from plague control programmes targeted at peridomestic environments. Carabin and colleagues (2005) described methods for assessing the economic burden of echinococcosis in people, which they defined as involving infestations with either E. Control and management of non-commensal rodents and rodent-related diseases A variety of approaches can be used to prevent rodent-related illnesses. Obviously, costeffective and reliable surveillance methods must be developed, so that threatening situations can be identified quickly and appropriate preventive measures taken (Gage, Ostfeld & Olson, 1995; Glass et al. Although the types of preventive measures used will vary from one situation to another, certain steps are likely to be appropriate in nearly all instances. Clearly, residents of the areas affected by threatening situations should be made aware of the risks and be educated about the best means of protecting themselves and their families. This includes taking certain precautions, such as avoiding sick or dead animals, using insect repellents, performing so-called tick checks, wearing protective clothing or gloves, or treating clothing with appropriate pesticides (Gage, Ostfeld & Olson, 1995; Hayes & Piesman, 2003). The intentional feeding of seeds or other foods to rodents and lagomorphs is to be discouraged, as it is likely to increase the risk of people coming in contact with infected animals or their ectoparasites. Residents of the areas affected also should be advised that pets can become infected after contact with noncommensal rodents or lagomorphs and can spread these infections to their owners. Applications of rodenticides, insecticides or acaricides in rodent habitats is sometimes warranted as a means of quickly reducing the risk of transmission, but such treatments are best done by pest control specialists. Although proper use of pesticides can often provide rapid reductions in the risk of disease, they should not be used solely for long-term management of problems posed by non-commensal rodents or lagomorphs. The last two measures (reductions of rodent food and harbourage and management of rodent habitats) are likely to represent the most sustainable and effective approach to reducing widespread threats posed by non-commensal rodents (Gage, Ostfeld & Olson, 1995; Levy & Gage, 1999; Glass et al. Temporary reductions in rodent numbers are of minimal use and might even be harmful. Douglass and colleagues (2003) reported that removal of deer mice from buildings actually resulted in an increased number of mice entering these structures, leading these authors to speculate that mouse removal in the absence of rodent-proofing is likely to increase the risk of human hantavirus. The importation and ownership of exotic rodents, such as prairie dogs, as pets also should be discouraged, because this practice could result in direct human exposures to various pathogens. A remote possibility also exists that these animals might escape and spread 456 457 Non-commensal rodents and lagomorphs Public Health Significance of Urban Pests pathogens to native rodent species, leading to the establishment of enzootic cycles of these agents in various rodent species. These issues were well illustrated by the recent identification of tularaemia bacteria in prairie dogs that were shipped from an exotic-pet facility in the United States to other sites in the United States and Europe (Avashia et al. At least one animal handler at the exotic-pet facility was thought to have acquired tularaemia from handling these infected prairie dogs. In another incident in the United States, black-tailed prairie dogs became infected with monkeypox virus at an exotic-pet facility after being exposed to infected Gambian giant pouched rats imported from Africa. Following infection, the prairie dogs were shipped to pet stores in the Midwestern states, which resulted in numerous human monkeypox infections among people who handled these animals (Kile et al. Provide, in emergency situations, for selective and limited use of pesticides to rapidly reduce the risk of disease or to protect property. Develop a comprehensive plan for monitoring and controlling rodent- and lagomorphrelated diseases. This plan should include provisions for increased disease surveillance that will provide a more comprehensive assessment of the risk of people being exposed to these diseases in sites undergoing urbanization. Such information is currently lacking for most rodent- or lagomorph-related diseases in Europe and North America, making it difficult to determine the true health and economic burdens posed by these diseases. The plan also should integrate all surveillance, prevention and control efforts for these diseases into a single programme for each region. A single integrated programme for addressing these diseases should be highly effective, because the techniques, equipment and trained personnel required to prevent or control many of them are quite similar. Combining all prevention and control activities into one programme also will reduce duplication of effort and will better utilize scarce resources and personnel, making these efforts more cost effective and easier to justify to programme managers, politicians and the general public.

However pain medication for old dogs cheap artane 2 mg otc, cleansing the acne patient involves several considerations pain treatment for dogs buy generic artane 2 mg on line, including matching skin type to natural pain treatment for shingles purchase 2mg artane free shipping the right type of cleanser myofascial pain treatment guidelines buy artane 2 mg overnight delivery, optimal times and methods of cleansing, treating parts of the body other than the face, and patient perceptions of the cause and treatment of acne. While sunscreens are often irritants, the best options for young, oily, acne-prone skin tend to have a water or light liquid base. Moisturizing sunscreens are appropriate for patients with dry, sundamaged skin, as well as those who wear makeup, have other skin diseases, or are easily irritated by products [61]. Low vitamin A, E and zinc plasma levels have an important role in the pathogenesis of acne and in the aggravation of this condition. Supportive treatment with these vitamins and zinc in severe acne may lead to satisfactory results [159], [54]. The basis for the association between emotional stress and the onset or exacerbation of acne is in several cutaneous neurogenic factors which interact with a pathogenic cascade in acne. Sleep deprivation associated with modern lifestyle and stress have an important impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and in increased secretion of stress-related hormones, and may also be an aggravating factor for acne. Clinical evidence and experimental data showed a straight correlation between smoking habit and postpubertal acne in which the clinically non-inflammatory (atypical) post-adolescent acne is the most frequent [167]. Acetylcholine leads to Benzoyl Peroxide Topical treatment is the mainstay of acne therapy. The most commonly prescribed topical medications for acne include benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, and retinoids. Despite their effectiveness in treating mild to moderate acne vulgaris, these topical medications are found to be irritating, and are historically associated with poor tolerability and diminished patient adherence. Thus, choosing the right formulation that will be effective and well tolerated is essential. Among them, macrolides, clindamycin, and tetracyclines are the most widely prescribed. Novel formulations that optimize drug concentration and utilize improved delivery vehicles have helped to enhance the tolerability and efficacy, and allow for less frequent application or co-application of drugs that were previously considered incompatible. In the near future, more effective treatments with less side effects are expected. The use of topical anti-androgens, coenzyme-A carboxylase inhibitors, and insulin growth factor-1inhibitors to control sebum production seem promising. Antibiotic use will probably decline as more effective options for controlling Cutinebacterium acnes colonization and the inflammation cascade emerge. It has mild sebostatic and keratolytic effects without a concern for the development of drug-resistant bacteria. It is most effective when used in combination with other acne vulgaris therapies [36]. However, it is worth bearing in mind that many successful quitters have found it motivational to watch their skin regain its tone and elasticity just weeks after smoking cessation [169]. Available preparations include lotions, creams, gels, foams, solutions, cleansing bars, cleansing lotions, cloths, pads, masks, and shaving creams. It useful as monotherapy for mild acne or as an adjunct in the treatment of moderate to severe acne vulgaris [175]. Comedonal acne is more typical in young adolescents, but can occur in combination with inflammatory papules and pustules at any time. These compounds result in proliferation and reduced keratinization of skin cells independent of their functions as a vitamin and devoid of bacterial resistance. Clindamycin often discussed along with the macrolides but are not chemically related, it belongs to a group of medicines known as lincosamide or lincomycin antibiotics. It is available topically as a foam, gel, lotion, or solution for treatment of acne vulgaris. The most common side effects experienced with topical use include pruritis, xeroderma, erythema, burning, exfoliation, or oily skin [183]. Tolerability profile of ClinP/Tret gel is beneficial when combining different topical therapies and formulations in a given patient, as cutaneous irritation is an adverse factor that can reduce adherence and prevent a successful therapeutic Figure 3: Benzoyl peroxide.

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Dietary Reference Intake: Adul ts pain treatment spa buy artane 2mg cheap, 51 yea rs: 1200 mg/da y Pregna ncy Ri s k Fa ctorC Advers e Rea cti ons Mi l d hyperca l cemi a (ca l ci um: >10 a better life pain treatment center golden valley az generic 2mg artane fast delivery. Risk C: Monitor therapy Es tra mus ti ne: Ca l ci um Sa l ts ma y decrea s e the a bs orpti on of Es tra mus ti ne kearney pain treatment center generic artane 2 mg. Risk D: Consider therapy modification Moni tori ng Pa ra meters Serum ca l ci um cordova pain treatment center cordova tn generic artane 2 mg on-line, s erum phos pha te; for control of hypophos pha temi a, s erum ca l ci um ti mes phos pha the s houl d not exceed 66 Reference Ra nge Serum ca l ci um: 8. In l ow a l bumi n s ta tes, the corrected total s erum ca l ci um ma y be es ti ma ted by the fol l owi ng equa ti on (a s s umi ng a norma l a l bumi n of 4 g/dL). Do not ta ke a ny new medi ca ti on duri ng thera py wi thout cons ul ti ng pres cri ber. Avoi d a l cohol, other a nta ci ds, ca ffei ne, or other ca l ci um s uppl ements unl es s a pproved by pres cri ber. Gel ca p: 667 mg Phos Lo: 667 mg [equi va l ent to el ementa l ca l ci um 169 mg (8. References Ka i s er W, Bi es enba ch G, Kra ma r R, et a l, "Ca l ci um Free Hemodi a l ys i s: An Effecti ve Thera py i n Hyperca l cemi c Cri s i s - Report of Four Ca s es," Intensive Care Med, 1989, 15(7):471-4. Risk C: Monitor therapy Al l opuri nol: Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the a bs orpti on of Al l opuri nol. Anta ci ds conta i ni ng a l umi num, ca l ci um, or ma gnes i um a re of s peci fi c concern. Risk C: Monitor therapy Ca l ci um Cha nnel Bl ockers: Ma y enha nce the a dvers e/toxi c effect of Ma gnes i um Sa l ts. Risk C: Monitor therapy Cefpodoxi me: Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the s erum concentra ti on of Cefpodoxi me. Risk D: Consider therapy modification Del a vi rdi ne: Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the a bs orpti on of Del a vi rdi ne. Ma na gement: Sepa ra the the a dmi ni s tra ti on of erl oti ni b a nd a ny a nta ci d by s evera l hours i n order to mi ni mi ze the ri s k of a s i gni fi ca nt i ntera cti on. Risk C: Monitor therapy Peni ci l l a mi ne: Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the s erum concentra ti on of Peni ci l l a mi ne. Rel a ted Informa ti on Ca l ci um Ca rbona the Ma gnes i um Hydroxi de Denta l Hea l th: Effects on Denta l Trea tmentNo s i gni fi ca nt effects or compl i ca ti ons reported Denta l Hea l th: Va s ocons tri ctor/Loca l Anes theti c Preca uti ons No i nforma ti on a va i l a bl e to requi re s peci a l preca uti ons Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Menta l Sta tus None reported Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Ps ychi a tri c Trea tmentAnta ci ds ma y decrea s e the excreti on of a mpheta mi nes; moni tor. Index Terms Ma gnes i um Hydroxi de a nd Ca l ci um Ca rbona the Copyri ght (c) Lexi -Comp, Inc. Admi ni s tra ti on: Ora l Ta bl ets ma y be chewed, s wa l l owed whol e, or a l l owed to mel t i n the mouth. Risk C: Monitor therapy Anti funga l Agents (Azol e Deri va ti ves, Sys temi c): Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the a bs orpti on of Anti funga l Agents (Azol e Deri va ti ves, Sys temi c). Risk D: Consider therapy modification Anti ps ychoti c Agents (Phenothi a zi nes): Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the a bs orpti on of Anti ps ychoti c Agents (Phenothi a zi nes). Risk C: Monitor therapy Erl oti ni b: Anta ci ds ma y decrea s e the s erum concentra ti on of Erl oti ni b. Rel a ted Informa ti on Ca l ci um Ca rbona the Si methi cone Pha rma cothera py Pea rl s 40% of ca l ci um ca rbona the i s el ementa l ca l ci um Denta l Hea l th: Effects on Denta l Trea tmentDo not gi ve tetra cycl i nes concomi ta ntl y. Denta l Hea l th: Va s ocons tri ctor/Loca l Anes theti c Preca uti ons No i nforma ti on a va i l a bl e to requi re s peci a l preca uti ons Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Menta l Sta tus None reported Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Ps ychi a tri c Trea tmentNone reported Index Terms Si methi cone a nd Ca l ci um Ca rbona the Copyri ght (c) Lexi -Comp, Inc. Ca l ci um Ca rbona the Lexi -Drugs Onl i ne Engl i s h Jump To Fi el d (Sel ect Fi el d Na me) Medi ca ti on Sa fety Is s ues Sound-a l i ke/l ook-a l i ke i s s ues: Fl ori ca l ma y be confus ed wi th Fi ori na l Myl a nta ma y be confus ed wi th Myna ta l Nephro-Ca l ci ma y be confus ed wi th Nephroca ps Os -Ca l ma y be confus ed wi th As a col Interna ti ona l i s s ues: Engl i s h Remegel [Grea t Bri ta i n, Irel a nd, Ita l y] ma y be confus ed wi th Rena gel whi ch i s a bra nd na me for s evel a mer i n the U. Dos i ng: Pedi a tri cDos a ge i s i n terms of el ementa l ca l ci um: Dietary Reference Intake: Ora l: 0-6 months: 210 mg/da y 7-12 months: 270 mg/da y 1-3 yea rs: 500 mg/da y 4-8 yea rs: 800 mg/da y 9-19 yea rs: 1300 mg/da y Hypocalcemia (dose depends on clinical condition and serum calcium level): Ora l: Dos e expres s ed i n mg of elemental calcium Neona tes: 50-150 mg/kg/da y i n 4-6 di vi ded dos es; not to exceed 1 g/da y Chi l dren: 45-65 mg/kg/da y i n 4 di vi ded dos es Antacid: Ora l: Chi l dren 2-5 yea rs (24-47 l b): El ementa l ca l ci um 161 mg a s needed; ma xi mum 483 mg per 24 hours Chi l dren 6-11 yea rs (48-95 l b): El ementa l ca l ci um 322 mg a s needed; ma xi mum: 966 mg per 24 hours Dos i ng: Rena l Impa i rmentCl cr <25 mL/mi nute: Dos a ge a djus tments ma y be neces s a ry dependi ng on the s erum ca l ci um l evel s. Ca l cul a ti ons Ca l ci um Correcti on Di eta ry Cons i dera ti ons As a di eta ry s uppl ement, s houl d be gi ven wi th mea l s to i ncrea s e a bs orpti on. Ma y decrea s e i ron a bs orpti on, s o s houl d be a dmi ni s tered 1-2 hours before or a fter i ron s uppl ementa ti on. Li mi t i nta ke of bra n, foods hi gh i n oxa l a tes, or whol e gra i n cerea l s whi ch ma y decrea s e ca l ci um a bs orpti on. Tums Extra Strength Suga r Free 750 mg ta bl et conta i ns phenyl a l a ni ne <1 mg/ta bl et. Contra i ndi ca ti ons Hyperca l cemi a, rena l ca l cul i, hypophos pha temi a; pa ti ents wi th s us pected di goxi n toxi ci ty Wa rni ngs /Preca uti ons Concerns related to adverse effects: Ga s troi ntes ti na l effects: Cons ti pa ti on, bl oa ti ng, a nd ga s a re common wi th ca l ci um s uppl ements (es peci a l l y ca rbona the s a l t). Disease-related concerns: Achl orhydri a: Ca l ci um a bs orpti on i s i mpa i red i n a chl orhydri a; a dmi ni s tra ti on i s fol l owed by i ncrea s ed ga s tri c a ci d s ecreti on wi thi n 2 hours of a dmi ni s tra ti on es peci a l l y wi th hi gh dos es.

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Powder for ora l s us pens i on: Refri gera the s us pens i on a fter recons ti tuti on; di s ca rd a fter 14 da ys pain management after shingles cheap 2 mg artane overnight delivery. Pregna ncy Ri s k Fa ctorB Pregna ncy Cons i dera ti ons Advers e events were not obs erved i n a ni ma l reproducti on s tudi es; therefore pain treatment for uti best 2mg artane, cepha l exi n i s cl a s s i fi ed a s pregna ncy ca tegory B treatment guidelines for back pain generic artane 2 mg with visa. Cepha l exi n cros s es the pl a centa a nd produces thera peuti c concentra ti ons i n the feta l ci rcul a ti on a nd a mni oti c fl ui d back pain treatment uk buy generic artane 2 mg line. An i ncrea s ed ri s k of tera togeni c effects ha s not been obs erved fol l owi ng ma terna l us e of cepha l exi n; however, a dequa the a nd wel l -control l ed s tudi es ha ve not been compl eted i n pregna nt women. Pea k concentra ti ons i n pregna nt pa ti ents a re s i mi l a r to thos e i n nonpregna nt pa ti ents. La cta ti onEnters brea s t mi l k (s ma l l a mounts)/us e ca uti on Brea s t-Feedi ng Cons i dera ti ons Sma l l a mounts of cepha l exi n a re excreted i n brea s t mi l k. The ma nufa cturer recommends tha t ca uti on be exerci s ed when a dmi ni s teri ng cepha l exi n to nurs i ng women. Ma xi mum mi l k concentra ti on occurs ~4 hours a fter a s i ngl e ora l dos e a nd gra dua l l y di s a ppea rs by 8 hours a fter a dmi ni s tra ti on. Pregna ncy & La cta ti on, In-Depth Cepha l exi n i n Pregna ncy & La cta ti on Advers e Rea cti ons Frequency not defi ned. Risk C: Monitor therapy Etha nol /Nutri ti on/Herb Intera cti ons Food: Pea k a nti bi oti c s erum concentra ti on i s l owered a nd del a yed, but tota l drug a bs orbed i s not a ffected. As s es s res ul ts of l a bora tory tes ts, thera peuti c res pons e, a nd a dvers e rea cti ons (s ee Advers e Rea cti ons). Tea ch pa ti ent pos s i bl e s i de effects /a ppropri a the i nterventi ons a nd a dvers e s ymptoms to report (eg, opportuni s ti c i nfecti on, hypers ens i ti vi ty rea cti on). Moni tori ng: La b Tes ts Rena l, hepa ti c, a nd hema tol ogi c functi on peri odi ca l l y wi th prol onged thera py; perform cul ture a nd s ens i ti vi ty s tudi es pri or to i ni ti a ti ng drug thera py. Ta ke a s di rected, a t regul a r i nterva l s a round-the-cl ock (wi th or wi thout food). Ca ps ul e: 250 mg, 500 mg Kefl ex: 250 mg, 500 mg, 750 mg Powder for ora l s us pens i on: 125 mg/5 mL (100 mL, 200 mL); 250 mg/5 mL (100 mL, 200 mL) Kefl ex: 125 mg/5 mL (100 mL, 200 mL); 250 mg/5 mL (100 mL, 200 mL) Ta bl et: 250 mg, 500 mg Generi c Ava i l a bl eYes Pri ci ng: U. Pa ti ents a l l ergi c to peni ci l l i ns ca n us e a cepha l os pori n; the i nci dence of cros s -rea cti vi ty between peni ci l l i ns a nd cepha l os pori ns i s 1% when the a l l ergi c rea cti on to peni ci l l i n i s del a yed. Denta l Hea l th: Effects on Denta l Trea tmentNo s i gni fi ca nt effects or compl i ca ti ons reported (s ee Denta l Comment) Denta l Hea l th: Va s ocons tri ctor/Loca l Anes theti c Preca uti ons No i nforma ti on a va i l a bl e to requi re s peci a l preca uti ons Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Menta l Sta tus Ma y ca us e nervous nes s; ca s e reports of euphori a, del us i on, i l l us i ons, a nd depers ona l i za ti on wi th cepha l os pori ns Menta l Hea l th: Effects on Ps ychi a tri c Trea tmentMa y ra rel y ca us e neutropeni a; us e ca uti on wi th cl oza pi ne a nd ca rba ma zepi ne Ca rdi ova s cul a r Cons i dera ti ons Ma y be us ed for preventi on of ba cteri a l endoca rdi ti s. Speci a l Al erts Tumor Necrosis Factor: Alpha Blockers Associated with Unrecognized Invasive Fungal Infections - September 4, 2008 the U. In s ome ca s es, the s ymptoms of funga l i nfecti on (eg, fever, cough, ma l a i s e, dys pnea, fa ti gue) were unrecogni zed a nd precl uded prompt a nti funga l trea tment, res ul ti ng i n 12 dea ths. Admi ni s tra ti on: OtherSubQ: Bri ng to room tempera ture pri or to a dmi ni s tra ti on. Tota l dos e requi res 2 vi a l s; a fter recons ti tuti on, dra w ea ch vi a l i nto s epa ra the s yri nges, a dmi ni s ter ea ch s yri nge s ubcuta neous l y (us i ng provi ded 23-ga uge needl e) to s epa ra the s i tes on a bdomen or thi gh. Stora gePri or to recons ti tuti on, s tore i nta ct vi a l s under refri gera ti on a t 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F). Recons ti tuted vi a l s ma y be reta i ned a t room tempera ture for 2 hours or refri gera ted for 24 hours pri or to a dmi ni s tra ti on. Us i ng a s epti c techni que, recons ti tute ea ch vi a l wi th 1 mL s teri l e wa ter for i njecti on (provi ded) to a concentra ti on of ~200 mg/mL; the ma nufa cturer recommends us i ng a 20-ga uge needl e (provi ded). Al l ow vi a l s to s et undi s turbed (ma y ta ke up to 30 mi nutes) unti l ful l y recons ti tuted. Recons ti tuted s ol uti ons s houl d not conta i n vi s i bl e pa rti cl es or gel s i n the s ol uti on. Wa rni ngs /Preca uti ons Boxed warnings: Infecti on: See "Concerns rel a ted to a dvers e effects " bel ow. Concerns related to adverse effects: Autoi mmune di s order: Autoa nti body forma ti on ma y devel op; ra rel y res ul ti ng i n a utoi mmune di s order, i ncl udi ng l upus -l i ke s yndrome; moni tor a nd di s conti nue i f s ymptoms devel op. Cons i der di s conti nui ng thera py wi th s i gni fi ca nt hema tol ogi c a bnorma l i ti es. Us e wi th ca uti on i n pa ti ents wi th underl yi ng hema tol ogi c di s orders.

Influence of early and current environmental exposure factors on sensitization and outcome of asthma in pre-school children treatment of cancer pain guidelines cheap artane 2 mg free shipping. Predictors of high house dust mite allergen concentrations in residential homes in Sydney pain treatment center brentwood ca cheap artane 2 mg online. Increased cockroach and mouse-IgE level at age 2 years in a highly exposed inner-city cohort treatment pain behind knee purchase artane 2mg with amex. Prenatal exposure canadian pain treatment guidelines discount artane 2mg with visa, maternal sensitization, and sensitization in utero to indoor allergens in an inner-city cohort. Evaluation of German cockroach (Orthoptera:Blattellidae) allergen and seasonal variation in low-income housing. Results of a home-based environmental intervention among urban children with asthma. Mite allergens in relation to home conditions and sensitization of asthmatic children from three climatic regions. Identification of important allergens in German cockroach extracts by sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and Western blot analysis. Relationship among house-dust mites, Der 1, Fel d 1, and Can f 1 on clothing and automobile seats with respect to densities in houses. Enhancement of allergic inflammation by the interaction between diesel exhaust particles and the immune system. The epidemiology of childhood asthma in Kenya: objective markers in 44 rural and urban school children [Ph. Prevalence of exercise induced bronchospasm in Kenyan school children: an urban-rural comparison. Guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma: clinical practice guidelines. Airborne fungi in the homes of children with asthma in lowincome urban communities: the Inner-City Asthma Study. Urban-rural differences in questionnaire-derived markers of asthma in Kenyan school children. Environmental factors versus genetic determinants of childhood inhalant allergies. Exposure to dogs and cats in the first year of life and risk of allergic sensitization at 6 and 7 years of age. Prevalence and severity of childhood asthma and allergic sensitisation in seven climatic regions of New South Wales. The prevalence of rat allergen in inner-city homes and its relationship to sensitization and asthma morbidity. Association of sensitization to Alternaria allergens with asthma among school-age children. Effect of cat and dog ownership on sensitization and development of asthma among preteenage children. Endotoxin in inner-city homes: associations with wheeze and eczema in early childhood. The relationship of mouse allergen exposure to mouse sensitization and asthma morbidity in inner-city children with asthma. Predictors of indoor exposure to mouse allergen in urban and suburban homes in Boston. Seasonal variation in dust mite and grass-pollen allergens in dust from the houses of patients with asthma. Sensitisation, asthma, and a modified Th2 response in children exposed to cat allergen: a population-based cross-sectional study. Identification, quantification, purification of cockroach allergens using monoclonal antibodies. Environmental exposure to cockroach allergens: analysis with monoclonal antibody-based enzyme immunoassays. Lung cancer, cardiopulmonary mortality, and long-term exposure to fine particulate air pollution. Deteriorated housing contributes to high cockroach allergen levels in inner-city households. Prospective study of laboratory-animal allergy: factors predisposing to sensitization and development of allergic symptoms. A new amplified monoclonal rat allergen assay used for evaluation of ventilation improvements in animal rooms.

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